Alone he sits on a ledge

A blank expression upon his face. Smoking deep on his cigarette. 

Searing thoughts in his mind.

“I hate everything. 

I hate who I am now. 

I hate how I am a disaster.
I hate that I am a walking timebomb.

I hate that I see pain as a healing.
I hate that I see death as an escape.
I hate this world and I want to leave. 

I hate myself and I wish to die.

I hate how much I’m missing you. 

I hate how much I still care.
I hate how much I can’t let go. 

I hate how much you’re never there.

I hate how you walked away. 

I hate how you left me behind.
I hate how you stole my dreams. 

I hate how you killed my smile.

I hate how I just can’t hate you at all.
I hate how I still love you despite it all.”

Getting up and looking down,

Over the side of the ledge. 

Just one step and all is done,

Smoking deep his last cigarette.

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